K. Cartoon
Cuban-American artist, songwriter and producer K. Cartoon, born Hatuey G. McKoy on October 7th, 1987, hails from the Gage Park neighborhood of Chicago's southwest side. In 2012, K. Cartoon, along with close friends Rx Phonics and D.C. The Great, formed Audio Apes, a record group with a deep passion for the Hip-Hop culture. His constant consumption of content such as art, movies and a wide range of music along with his poetic and storytelling prowess have him in a position to be one of Chicago's premiere talents. He puts these talents on display in the Audio Apes debut and independently released EP Concrete Jungle. The name K. Cartoon is short for Kill Cartoon, a representation of the darker and lighter sides of the Hip-Hop spectrum. He is one of two executive producers for Concrete Jungle.  He also holds the executive producer title for “Hanging With Apes”, a podcast featuring fellow Audio Apes member Rx Phonics. Furthermore, K. Cartoon has co-directed all of the Audio Apes' music videos including "Get Biz, Get Big". Whether its artwork, marketing or going over new video ideas with Audio Apes’ videographer and co-producer Erik Nava, K. Cartoon is dedicated to making the Audio Apes brand a household name and an unforgettable experience.

Rx Phonics
Dr. Dre's Chronic 2001 spurred the Hip-Hop career of Rx Phonics.  Born Ricardo Medina on October 4, 1987, he grew up in Chicago's Gage Park community.  With the area riddled with gang violence and other illegal on-goings, becoming a product of that environment would have been a predictable path for him as was the case for many others his age.  His parents played an intricate role in him not going down that road persistently encouraging him to do what he loves. Although of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent, it was the black and white Hip-Hop culture that captured his love and imagination, with the aforementioned Dr. Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent, 2Pac and Jay-Z as some of his favorites.  This budding interest turned into writing songs for himself and others.  Fellow rappers and longtime friends K. Cartoon and D.C. The Great would ride around in K. Cartoon's car for hours rapping to instrumentals. That friendship eventually turned into the culmination of the Audio Apes in 2012.  Rx Phonics has been an indispensable ingredient in the group's infancy with executive producing credits for the trio's debut EP Concrete Jungle while also helping produce and develop the "Hanging With Apes" podcast. Video direction has become a growing part of his resume having co-directed all of the Audio Apes' music videos and has contributed to videos for Bloodline Entertainment.

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 D.C. The Great
D.C. The Great followed Hip-Hop passively his entire childhood listening to the likes of Rakim, KRS One and Eminem.  That eventually led to him becoming actively involved in Rap/Hip-Hop by age 13.  His lyrics focused on his hard economic upbringing, turmoil in his personal relationships and growing up with his father, who was serving a nineteen year prison sentence.  D.C. The Great gradually graduated to more detail oriented and lyrically diverse rhymes which he would showcase to his classmates during lunch breaks. The comradery that developed during this time led to the form of a teenage rap group, Section 8. While the Section 8 rap group did not flourish and inevitably disbanded, D.C. The Great learned a great deal from those experiences. He went to the grassroots method and released Music & Mayhem (2010), his first solo effort. The mix-tape showcased D.C.'s skill and penchant for aggressively entertaining lyrics. The year of 2012 proved to be a year of new beginnings for D.C. the Great.  With the help of longtime friends K. Cartoon and Rx Phonics, the trio formed the group Audio Apes. D.C. The Great shows off his lyrical versatility on the Audio Apes' EP, "Concrete Jungle.